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September 15, 2009

Groups Demand that Jail Stop Censoring Religion

July 12, 2009

Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 7/11/2009 4:15:00 AM

Civil and religious rights organizations are demanding that a Virginia jail stop removing Bible passages and other religious material from letters written to inmates.

 Anna Williams, whose son was detained at the Rappahannock County Regional Jail, says officials cut out entire sections of letters she sent to her son that contained Bible verses or religious material. She says the jail cited prohibitions on Internet material and religious material sent from home.
John Whitehead, founder of 
The Rutherford Institute, represents Williams. His organization is challenging John%20Whitehead%20Rutherfordcensorship of the mail.
“She’s a devout Christian, and her son’s in jail there and she’s been trying to send him letters with Bible passages and whatever — and the jail has actually been going through snipping out portions of letters,” the attorney explains. “[S]ome of the letters are full of Bible verses, so what her son is getting is absolutely at the end of the letter where she says goodbye, I love you, and those kinds of things.” continue reading

Obama Emphasizes ‘One Law’ that Binds All Religions

February 13, 2009

one_world_religion1From Underdstand the Times

“It appears that the ground is being prepared by leaders from around the world (including the President of the United States) for a common one world religion that is inclusive of all religions as an answer for world peace. This, of course, is exactly what Bible believing Christians have expected would occur based on the study of Bible prophecy”.

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