God Still Has A Remnant!

In a time of spiritual blindness, where Evangelicalism is being side tracked and de-railed by pastor’s who want to be cool, relevant and fashionable rather than students and proclaimers of the Gospel, Lillian Kwon of Christian Post writes about the “Gospel Coalition Conference” calling pastors back to a Christ centered gospel.

“…Leaders of the coalition got right down to business on Tuesday as they opened the 2009 conference with Tim Keller, senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.

Expounding a passage from the New Testament book of Acts 19, Keller spotlighted the apostle Paul whom Christians recognize as one of the most effective and faithful preachers of all time.

Paul preached in such a way that changed the lives of those who converted to Christianity and ultimately affected the culture, Keller told thousands who packed the Donald E. Stephens Conference Center in Chicago as well as those watching the session online through a live webcast.

In most cases today, however, there are many people having born-again experiences and making decisions for Christ but not living any differently from anyone else in the culture, Keller pointed out.

He called it “one of the scandals of the church.”

Part of that failure to produce changed lives points back to the church or the preacher.” continue reading

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