Fish with Trish–Two Minute Tip for Evangelism Drive Thru

Here’s a great way to witness from Fish With Trish


3 Responses to “Fish with Trish–Two Minute Tip for Evangelism Drive Thru”

  1. keithcarpenter Says:

    What?!? Are you being serious with this? I just stumbled across your blog, while searching for some good Christ centered reading and saw this video post as being evangelistic. This is the very reason Christianity is failing in the US. I would put this on the same level as wimp Christianity, scared evangelism. You want to know what that kid in the window did. After thinking to himself, “she wacked!” he threw the tracks in the garbage because he knows he could lose his job for passing out religious literature to customers and he’s probably wondering why, if Jesus is so good and powerful do Christians resort to nonpersonal “safe” evangelism like tracts or this drive up evangelism. This is sick! I am sure Trish is a great gal, but let’s face it, she’s teaching her followers to be pathetic and scared. How about teaching them to talk with others about Christ. What good did this do? It just made Christians look like idiots and now everyone on You Tube can know the truth too. Argh. I am trying to get a doubting generation to fine Christ for real. Respectfully, keith

  2. Chuck Morley Says:

    I posted your comment on the Fish with Trish video, thank you for your
    input. You may want to check out her site and see what
    they are doing in personal one on one evangelism, besides this video. Your
    opinion may change.

    God Bless,
    Chuck Morley

  3. Keith Carpenter Says:

    I appreciate your reply. I did get a chance to look on her website and did
    find a bit of it great stuff. Some times passing out tracts annoy me because
    I have seen so many discarded on the ground and know of sno one who they
    have actually be affective with. I am sure there are some though. I just
    feel that the church has forgotten that the best way was the way of the
    Master, friendship.

    May God bless you and all that you do.


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