Pray for Oprah, The goddess of Daytime Television

From the Daily News

“The goddess of daytime television, the queen of feel-good-ness, the monarch of New Age publications and the paradigm of peace at all cost, has scaled the heights of pompous idiocy and declared herself, godlike.

That’s right, the ruler of Winfreyville, Oprah the great, who has wooed her audiences with new cars, houses and glimpses of celebrities behaving badly, has arrived at the pinnacle of secular greatness and spiritual heresy.

On her daily XM Satellite Radio program “Oprah and Friends” you can now participate in “A Course in Miracles”; 365 days of anything BUT Jesus! Three hundred and sixty five days bathed in the spirit of anti-Christ.”

Oprah has gone overboard and is taking millions of devoted fans with her. continue reading


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