‘The Emergent Church’: A Dangerous Counterfeit

By: Greg Laurie WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary

One of the candidates who professes to be a Christian running for the presidency recently said in a speech, “There are a lot of Jewish people who are just as moral, or even more moral than I am. There are a lot of Muslims who are decent, good, kind people. I don’t think they are any less children of God.”

Now, that sounds very inclusive and kind, but I have to tell you it goes against the very core of the essential Gospel message. Yes, it is certainly true that people of faiths other than Christianity – or even no faith at all – can be “decent, good and kind.” But the simple fact is, a man or woman does not come into a relationship with God by being “kind and good,” but rather by admitting that he or she is a sinner who needs forgiveness from God. continue reading


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