I’m Sorry Mr. Warren, But Fundamentalists DO Listen

In this video of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, Rick Warren describes fundamentalists as, “someone who stops listening,” and “an attitude that won’t listen to anybody else.”

Mr. Warren, Yes we do listen! It seems like we don’t, but actually we have our ears tuned to God’s truth and sound doctrine. Like the five fundamentals of the faith that identify us as FUNDAMENTALISTS. Such as:

1) Divinely inspired scriptures which were infallible and inerrant in the original writing;
2) Christ’s virgin birth and deity;
3) Christ’s substitutionary atonement;
4) Christ’s resurrection, and
5) Christ’s personal pre-millennial and imminent second coming.

So, when someone starts talking about things like ecumenism, pragmatism, seeker sensitivity or a global (one world) church, we can recognize it for what it is – not worth listening to. watch video


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