Bull Whip Guy

I’ve noticed this video on several web sites today and find it a tremendous (and Biblical) response to Emergent Rob Bell’s Nooma video Bull Horn Guy.


One Response to “Bull Whip Guy”

  1. Celeste and family Says:

    found video provocative in its analogy of Jesus to modern-day street preachers–it made me think. Rob Bell attacks those he disagrees with–I don’t see the Apostle Paul attacking those he disagreed with: “some preach Christ out of envy and strife, …but I rejoice that the Gospel is preached.” Must be Rob Bell has ANOTHER GOSPEL!!! Otherwise, he would have no need to MAKE a video like Bull Horn Guy [By the way, we call them “TRUTH Horns”!!!]

    Our THANKS to the video maker for his focus and for his INVESTMENT in keeping a TRUE and SHARP picture of Jesus and His legacy to us–“all who DESIRE to live godly in Christ Jesus WILL SUFFER PERSECUTION….They will kill you thinking they do God a service….”

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